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Virtual Queue Management System

Whether your business is one that has remained open as an essential service, has recently opened, or is about to reopen. As you continue to navigate your organization through the COVID-19 pandemic, you can now proactively help your visitors practice social and physical distancing by allowing them to safely check-in remotely, into a contactless virtual customer waiting line with Queueall® - Canada's most affordable and easy to use Queue Management Software (QMS). 

  • Facilitate social distancing between visitors and staff
  • Control the number of visitors at any one time
  • Provide an exceptional visitor experience
  • Set up in minutes   

"Now more than ever the world needs Queueall® queuing software"

Physical waiting lines are no longer just time-consuming and frustrating experiences that make people unhappy. Today, because of COVID-19 physical waiting lines pose a serious health risk, because in many cases they prevent people from continuing to practice social distancing, and they are not conducive to enabling physical distancing. Queueall® helps you to immediately adapt your day-to-day operations to this new reality by allowing you to replace physical waiting lines, with  safe virtual waiting room queues, and SMS notifications.  


An Entirely Web Browser-Based Solution - No Apps to Download


Queueall® is an economical omnichannel internet-based solution that you access with your web browser. There are no apps to download and install. Set up takes just a few minutes. Queueall® facilitates social and physical distancing between your visitors and your staff and allows you to control the number of people in your location at any one time.

This is what post COVID-19 virtual queuing can look
like with Queueall®

       Resumption of normal operations

If you are located in an area where you're are able to resume normal operations. You can now use Queueall® to provide your visitors with an even more immersive virtual queueing experience. That's because Queueall® supports tablet-based kiosk-style customer self-sign-in and real-time displaying of your virtual queue on monitors, and a myriad of other exclusive features designed to help you grow your business. To learn more about what resumption of normal operations can look like with Queueall®, check out our video below. To be brought up to date on all of the additional ways your business can benefit from Queueall®, request a live online demo.

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