Time-consuming and frustrating lines make people unhappy. Whenever and wherever people are forced to stand by idly waiting with no idea how long things will take, it creates a poor customer experience.   Queueall cost-effectively improves customer experience, strengthens long-term brand loyalty, increases profit and provides a higher ROI, than current processes and CRM practices, for engaging with clients, before, during and after their visit.

About Queueall

Queueall, is an affordable, quick and simple to implement, web-based customer engagement and virtual waiting line management platform available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), that will help your business strengthen long-term brand loyalty to increase profit and provides a higher ROI, than current processes, wait list systems and CRM practices that you may already be familiar with for engaging with your clients. Queueall provides an easy way to improve customer experience eliminating physical lines. Queueall lets customers reserve a virtual place in line at stores, kiosks, restaurants- anywhere they are asked to wait for their turn. With Queueall, customers can see their virtual place in line on screens and on their smartphones and receive text notifications when they’re next, giving them freedom to enjoy their wait time any way they want to. Queueall delivers a consistently positive customer experience so you can boost revenues, build customer loyalty, gain referrals and positive online reviews.

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